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Looking for a headache free long term tenant?

Look no further! Brown Sugar Suites, LLC is an Illinois based Corporate Housing Company that partners with local landlords to furnish, manage, and upkeep their properties to provide comfortable spaces and units for clients looking for longer term temporary housing such as traveling professionals. 

No longer will you have to worry about your rental properties. Instead of a tenant, Brown Sugar Suites will take on a lease length of your choosing. Essentially, we would become a property manager for your space, managing our clientele, providing any and all maintenance needs with your approval. Brown Sugar Suites keeps cleaners and maintenance professionals on our payroll to regularly upkeep your property to make sure it is always in 'for sale' condition. We do our due diligence to vet all potential guests prior to staying, ensuring they have received positive reviews from previous hosts, assessing that they have a history of longer term professional travel, and providing preliminary background checks before approving.

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